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Let's save our planet

Let’s clean up the mess we caused and save the planet for a sustainable and better future of our Children

Healing the planet’s environment to ensure a healthy future for our kids, is our primary concern. The most important mission is first and foremost, to stop global warming and prevent total littering of the earth (or prevent the earth from drowning in waste).

Our nonprofit projects try to find solutions and repair the planet by planting trees, supporting a global tree initiative and applying permaculture systems to secure the future for our children, in order to prepare them for the challenges climate change and its effects will cause.


Plant Trees - Save Trees Save Lives

Planting trees, one of those things all of us can do to repair the earth. Plant a tree and help to secure the life of your children. It doesn’t matter if you plant just one tree or many, every tree helps to improve our damaged atmosphere. Some of our projects did already start with a tree nursery to donate the trees, once grown up, to other communities.

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Global Warming and Climate Change

The urgent need to act on climate change has become clear. The weather is going wild already. Comparing actual weather behaviour with people’s acting in current times, real climate change solutions are discussed, but this alone won’t solve the problem. The state of the biosphere our children will have to live with, depends on choices we make today. 

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Associates & Projects To Save The Planet

We try to unite people and forces, creating and supporting projects, as educating and creating sustainable local communities to repair our planet. Problems appear that urgent, 
we can’t wait more and need to turn our way of consuming resources into:
Reduce, reuse and recycle in first place. 

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Introducing the Repair Earth Project

The idea is to spread the establishment (popularize the creation / promote the establishment) of a combination of forests, food gardens and tree nurseries to re-green the earth, improve damaged soil and show people how to run sustainable permaculture gardens.

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Currently we offer our support to various social and non profit groups and their efforts in southern Africa. Ideally these kinds of projects should be carried out all over the globe.

Our aim is to show the importance of teaching our kids and adolescents the important tasks, required to achieve a bright future without damaging the planet. We show them how improvements of soil, air and water we all need to live, can make the difference.

We support planting trees, clearing the ocean and our direct environment of litter, and showing people how to live sustainably to curb the alarming environmental degradation and global warming, gripping the planet.

Take action and help us to repair the earth

In order to support and expand our social projects nationally and worldwide. We are looking for volunteers who want to help grow our social media presence. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our work.

Many thanks – Repair Earth Projects: B. Musemwa (FICB – Public Relations Director) PO Box A 306, Avondale, HARARE ZIMBABWE or contact Mr. Bigboy Musemwa at: for more information.

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