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Iganga Women and youth center

We educate women and youth, and provide professional training enabling them to maintain their families.

We support marginalized women and youth with marketable skills for gainful employment in their families and community within the Busoga region and beyond. 

Conscious that the marginalized persons in our communities faces many social, economic and environmental barriers to become self-reliant amidst the government’s “Skilling Uganda Policy” and interventions like BTVET, etc and this project will provide a viable training program to get them out this vicious cycle. There is biting poverty in our communities which hinder the marginalized persons to participate in the gainful employment.

At the moment, the Ugandan government has come up with the “Skilling Uganda Policy”. However much as more efforts have been put on sensitization, the area of empowering Youth and Women in these skills practically is still demanding. This is especially to the rural areas of districts such as Iganga, Mayuge, Bugiri, Kaliro, Kamuli etc. The adverse effects of leaving youth and women in these areas unattended to, are by far more than jeopardy of development paths. It is thus a threat to the tabled activities and to the total security of the Busoga region. Our response to these demands weighs heavily in our conscience.

Needs Assessment

In order to respond to the situation, there is a need to bring community and the families concerned onboard, so as to act in the lines of government objective of “Skilling Uganda Policy”. That is reducing illiteracy and enabling Ugandans to acquire vocational skills to be future job creators. This can only be done by supporting Skills-education for the Women and youths. To some extent, IWAYOREC has been in existence from 2017. However, since the numbers of Women and youths has increased therefore there has emerged a need to build organizational structures to house our activities. We seriously need financial back-up to continue with this journey and make Busoga Region Districts an inclusive, safe, secure, comfortable and a model place for skills development for people of all ethnicities and religions.

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IWAYOREC as organization,  charges annual subscription fees from it’s members.

IWAYOREC also charges it’s  students an affordable fee, according to the learning demands as explained by the Executive director.
However, since IWAYOREC is still in its infancy stage, funds have been inadequate to sustain the activities such as: tailoring, computer training, Nursery teaching. Funds therefore urgently need to be mobilized to set up the community resource center buildings. This will be helpful and essential in keeping the project to succeed.
A community management committee will be set-up to contribute a substantial community fee on a quarterly basis to back-up and supplement the donor funding especially in regards to certain requirements such as acquiring a piece of freehold land to practise permaculture and other climate change affecting solutions.  we try to support with building materials, equipment like sewing machines, computers plus miscellaneous needs for prospective Skills-development students and those already admitted.


To provide training and modern agricultural skills to poor communities in Kenya by developing fertile ground to nourish organic foods, food security thus changes life of community members.

Create self-sustaining projects within the community and schools we work with – work smart to change a life.


  1. To enhance the livelihood and skills training for women and youth in their respective impoverished community.
  2. To enable the marginalized women and youth to become socially and economically independent.
  3. To address the country shortage of skilled labor force.
  4. To enabled the marginalized women and youth to develop employable and transferable skills.
  5. To provide the skills and recurrent eventual self-sufficient training infrastructure.
  6. To contribute to The Uganda’s Skilling Uganda Policy.
  7. To reduce the poverty among the marginalized women and youth.
  8. To establish a rural training centre for the women and the youth.
  9. To enhance the quality of life of the women and youth in the community.
  10. To integrate the women and the youth in the national economy.
  11. To work in partnership with the government, individuals and non-government organizations (NGOs) in the promotion of the objectives of the organization.
  12. To carry out any lawful activity in the furtherance of the organization’s development.
Expected Outcome - A total of 200 adolescent and women annually, with vocational skills in farming, tailoring, computing, Nursery teaching, knitting, hair dressing and related disciplines.

We show them how to participate in repairing the ecosystem, damaged through human behavior against nature and to help stopping climate change through adeqaut treatments.  A high rate of environmental degradation occures when members of the community cut down trees for survival, due to lack of employment and pure survival needs.

Iganga Women and Youth Resource Centre


+256 (0) 702 605316
+256 (0) 771 063806
Kulaba Ezekiel (Founder and Director)

At this stage of the project, OFOK intends to focus on tree planting activities in community-based utilities including dispensaries, community water points, chief camps and new schools. However, these activities require financial resources and your contribution will greatly support these efforts.


  1. To conserve community water points through tree planting
  2. To increase forest cover in line with Kenyan vision 2030
  3. To improve community livelihoods through sale of tree seedlings


a) Nursery tree planting

b) Bee keeping

c) Vegetable farming

Target beneficiaries

  • Community water points
  • Dispensaries
  • Chief camps
  • Churches
  • Schools


The community volunteers will continue caring for trees planted in the community sites, while drawing support from administrators of these institutions (chief camps, dispensaries and school) to further care for trees and sustainable agrocultur. The project will continue mobilizing and training members of the community on benefits of tree planting and bee keeping as concern environmental conservation and livelihood development.

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