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Safe Society for Children - Farming Project Uganda

Our main task is to ensure the orphanage and kindergarten, are equipped for all incidents which may arise.

Caring for disabled children and orphans

The “Buyende Care Foundation” is a non-profit organization established to support groups that serve poor, afflicted and disabled children in need. We have set up a children’s home and a kindergarten for orphans and disabled children. We saw the suffering after the death of their parents and decided to take care of them. Our goal is to welcome people to join us in practical efforts and financial support to make a difference. Our mission is to educate, nurture, heal, and educate these desperate and vulnerable children to be responsible, loving, and productive adults in everything they do.

We are currently taking care of 52 children. We have been blessed with two kind volunteers, a lovely couple from Italy who died shortly after their visit here to Uganda during the pandemic in May-June 2020. Since then, we have struggled to feed and provide for these children, so we humbly ask all kind volunteers out there, with a humanitarian heart, to work with us on our project. Anyone who wants to support us, be it unwanted clothes, shoes, blankets or used sports equipment, is welcome. We are still looking for volunteers from all parts of the world to volunteer in administration for a period of time.

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The “Buyende Care Foundation” is creating a frame for its farming project situated in the Nabulezi Palish, Kamuli District, Uganda.

In the hope of good weather, not altered too much by climate change, we planted maize seeds on farming ground to the rigors of nature. Although there have been numerous large-scale floods, protracted droughts, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural calamities which devastated millions of tons of priceless crops every year as a result of rapidly changing climates.

For us, it is now necessary to learn how to grow our harvestable food in climate-controlled structures, protect it from the elements and grow it all year round. We are using, so far, abandoned municipal plots as cultivation areas.

We have started a maize farming project called “Maize Farming Project” in Uganda with the associations of the “Buyende Care Foundation” (BCF). It was initiated in March 2022 with the aim of increasing corn production in the country in order to maintain a sustainable and continuous food supply chain. We would like to create new marketing opportunities for corn by our members and thus achieve additional value that helps the household by specifically planting products to feed the impoverished population.

Organic maize growing and soil improvement is one of the most important task to slow down climate change.

As people’s consumption habits have evolved from purely subsistence farming to commercial trade at the local level, maize production has expanded over time. Here in Uganda, corn is mainly used as a meal in schools and other institutions. Therefore, our main goals are to increase crop yield, improve and develop Eco-friendly packaging, and reduce post-harvest transport and storage losses. Our first corn farm is located in Balawoli Kamuli district of Nabulezi municipal. We have leased private property and we expect to recover and recycle key raw materials over the next two years. The Buyende Care Foundation is a non-profit organization in the Kamuli district of Nabulezi. We operate a kindergarten and a licensed orphanage with district number/ 176 / BUY.


Our main task is to ensure that the orphanage and kindergarten are equipped for all tasks that may arise, while the orphans and disabled children in need are cared for by us. Our main problem to be solved at the moment is the lack of suitable agricultural inputs to resume normal production activities. We are able to provide us with basic materials but we cannot finance the complete project. The much-needed funds include planting materials and seeds needed for farming. The most important factors in improving the lives of our orphans and the many disabled are the lack of funding for support services, the lack of available farmland to improve our food production and the government’s neglect of the needs of the disabled and orphans.

The Buyende Care Foundation has acquired the knowledge needed to manage flat farmland and high community production. It recommends training that encourages the community to take a leading role in problem solving and determining further approaches to self-assessment, learning and planning.

Subject to the availability of funds, the project intends to start working on 5 acres of farmland. The original plan was to calculate the cost of growing the most important food crops on about 5 acres, depending on the amount of funding available. The employees and project participants of Buyende Care for Vulnerable Children should benefit directly from this.

Project participants and a small number of officers will be responsible for overseeing project implementation and providing any necessary advice.

Project beneficiaries:  disabled/orphans