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Planting trees – One of those things all of us can do to repair the earth – plant a tree and help to secure the life of your children.
(Global Tree Initiative)

It does not matter if you plant just one tree or many, every tree counts to better our damaged atmosphere. Restoring missing trees is essential to prevent the climate crisis. Trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store carbon in their leaves, stems, and roots, increasing the carbon stored in the soil.

The mission of our tree planting project is to raise tree seedlings and to plant and protect them in partnership. In Zimbabwe, we are planting trees and seeding in our tree nursery to fight the climate crisis. Tree planting creates jobs, increases the biodiversity, and captures greenhouse gas (CO2). Trees will give us valuable time, we need to reduce our CO2 emissions.

How can you be part of the solution?

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old climate activist from Norway said, planting trees is good but no solution to global warming. Thunberg and others say, countries and industries must stop emitting carbon now and switch to solar, wind and other clean energy.

That’s right, but trees are the most efficient carbon-capture machines on the planet. Through photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that traps heat in the environment, and turn it into energy. That energy creates new leaves, longer stems and more mass, locking away carbon creating healthy forests carbon sinks. American vegetation, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, absorbed enough carbon dioxide to offset 11 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2017.

When it comes to climate change, however, not all trees are created equal. The right species must be planted. They must live to maturity. Location also matters: Trees planted in Germany do not have the same carbon-fighting capacity as trees planted in the tropics, where they grow more rapidly and therefore capture more carbon.
While new forests in high latitudes can cause the Earth’s surface to grow darker and absorb more heat, forests in the tropics are frequently covered by clouds that reflect sunlight and cool the planet. Most environmentalists, including those involved in reforestation, would agree with that statement.

Still, tree planting and tree saving initiatives or save trees projects, offer a simple and accessible, low-tech idea with wide appeal.

Help us to plant more trees: 

You can do it - Plant your tree!

For those without the chance of planting trees themselves, the opportunity to help would be, you buy the tree/s, we plant for you.

We acquired land in March, to set up a tree nursery and donate the trees, once grown up, to cooperating communities.

As our aim is to spread the establishment of food forest projects and tree nurseries, we currently run a demonstration plot at Pomona Community Farm and another project will be started at Rusivevi village in Seke in the near future.

We finally got about 8 hectares land in Chihota District. Tree seeding and horticulture will be our main activity there. We start the new project working on a two hectare garden to grow vegetables and seed trees.

Many thanks for some tree seeds, provided by Alexis Charrette. With this donation our new tree nursery will help to re-green Zimbabwe.

Once the project is running, we expect to be self sustainable and start more projects. As our biological vegetables grown following permaculture rules (carrots, butternuts, vegetables, potatoes ….), are doing well on the local market, we also want to plant grafted fruit trees, to harvest early fruits for export, with the aim to finance further projects.

Please help to stop climate change with your donation:

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