Repair Earth Projects

Permaculture Gardening

We mobilize communities to curb environmental degradation through tree planting and permaculture gardening.

Repair Earth Projects (REP) follow permaculture principles in the way we improve the soil, to start its healing process. Our mission is to raise tree seedlings and plant and protect them in partnership with local communities to repair our damaged planet

Basic Concepts

Permaculture shows us how to nurture soil in a way that enables succeeding generations to continue using it for their subsistence. Permaculture systems are all about creating and maintaining beneficial relationships between the plants we grow and developing a healthy community of soil microbes.

Repairing damaged soil and degraded landscapes all begins with the plants and animals, buildings and resources, which can be found in and around your home. A new permaculture project might start with just a few small changes in your garden. Permaculture is a continuing process exploring ways in which you can provide for the needs of nature around you, while having your own needs met too.

Permaculture Gardening

We developed our first permaculture garden in Harare and are now looking to help build thriving, productive permaculture projects elsewhere too. Naturally, we use no herbicides, insecticides, or artificial fertilizers on our permaculture projects.

We follow certified organic criteria and standards to improve the soil and help repair our earth. No genetically modified seeds (GMO) will be used either.

We emphasize using heritage seeds and endemic plants where possible. Using hybrid seed or making other adaptions to ongoing climate change might be an option in the right circumstances.

The REP founders advocate the creation of a low-carbon lifestyles and livelihoods, the protection of water and soil, and most importantly, the correct ecological assessment of tree planting, in order to combat the rampant deforestation threatening large parts of our planet and it’s climate.

Water protection – Soil protection

For too long, the protection of water catchment areas and soils, as well as their biological diversity, has been neglected due to drastic environmental degradation.

To date, REP has donated more than 10,000 trees to help achieve our goal of restoring the health of our planet, educating communities and recognizing the importance of trees and soil health in protecting our environment.

Local efforts have already made tangible progress and we believe we are on the right track. The communities gave trees, we provided the support they needed, and provided them with everything else for further growth.

We hope to convince many others, in all parts of our country, of the importance of environmental conservation, and the restoration of a functioning ecosystem. We hope to be fully established across the country soon, and able to promote the protection of wetlands, water harvesting areas, organic gardening and solar farming.

Exchange of experience between participating groups

Even if you lack the opportunity to plant something there is always the option to sponsor, donate, or to help as a volunteer, if you want to help with repairing our earth. Have a look at our associated projects.

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