Bigboy’s Big Dream – Let’s make the Planet green

A global earth repair village, was what came up his mind when little Biggie (Bigboy – real name) had to help his parents in the Garden behind their home, planting vegetables and taking care, while growing and saving the crop, he used to dream.
Thinking about how to help family and friends to ensure a healthy living, he started to dream about a better future.

Let’s make a healthy Planet with happy people

garden watering

Cure and improve Soil to combat Hunger on a Sustainable Base

To fight hunger you need more food and better, was the among the first thoughts he had. For more food you need to increase your crop. How to achieve better conditions for your food to grow, was the next question turning up. Fertilizing the soil without money was a difficult problem to solve at first sight. His answer was sustainable gardening and improving soil by permaculture treatment. The work could be parted to different community members.

Still without an idea about how to gather the financial needs for a humilde start, he got in contact with people in Swiss and they agreed to start the Zimbabwe Umuntu Project.

orphan shelter – feed – educate –

Recent Project

Building of the kitchen to help our orphans, is underway.
We also planted 10 avocado trees and a crop of maize.
We will fence the organic garden and make the tree planting shade, in addition to what is going to be done to finish the kitchen.
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